Main CMC disciplines of forestry
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The work of the cycle commission of forestry disciplines for the 2017-2018 academic year PDF Print E-mail


1. Organizational arrangements

Enforcement and implementation of standards:

1.1. Planning the work of the CMC

1.2.Development of working programs in disciplines

1.3.Review and approval:

- calendar-thematic plans;

-work plan of the cabinet;

-individual plan of the teacher;

-plan of self-education;

-graph of compulsory tests;

- a graphic of mutual settlement;

2. Perfection of pedagogical skill

Visiting the seminar of a young teacher

Drawing up of working programs, calendar-thematic and pourochnye plans on disciplines.

Attestation, monitoring progress.

Psychological trainings for teachers

Scientific-methodical work of the teacher

Creation of CMC in disciplines

Conducting open lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Visiting lessons by teachers.

3. Propaganda of modern pedagogical technologies

Participation in the sessions of the Pedagogical Council

3.2. For the development of new technologies, it is necessary to pass refresher courses

4. Participation in the meetings of the methodical council.

Listening of scientific and methodological reports, at methodical seminars:

4.2.Introduction within the college:

* Results of the work of the college in 2016-2017 academic year.

* Monitoring the results of the competition:

A) the best cabinet, laboratory;

B) the best team leader

5. Study of the generalization and dissemination of pedagogical experience

5.1.Pobschenie pedagogical experience of scientific and methodical activity:

-Application and solution in special disciplines of non-standard production situations

6. Teaching aids teachers

6.1.Uchebno-methodical manuals on the following disciplines:

1. Collection of tests on the discipline "Өсімдіктну өсімдіктер физиологисы негіздерімен"

2. Collection of tests on the discipline "Сәулеттік графика және къгадандандыру нисандарын ландшафттық жобалау"

 7. Open lessons and extracurricular activities

7.1. Open lessons:

Public lesson:

8.Monitoring the quality of the educational process

8.1.The conduct of the subject weeks of the CMC;

8.2. Conducting a conference, competitions, round table

8.3.Collecting tasks to check the level of control of students' knowledge.

- Mandatory test work;

-Test materials;

-Dictic material for the creation of CMD in disciplines.

9. Evaluation of creative work

9.1. Participation in the contests held in the 2017-2018 school year:

• Training rooms and laboratories;

• Cycle commissions;

9.2. Intercourse of lessons and extracurricular activities.

10. Editing and information of the educational process

10.1. Publishing activities;

10.2.Raznozhenie of educational and methodical documentation;

10.3. Creation of educational video material;

10.4. Provision of students with educational literature;

10.5. Provision of the teacher with educational and methodical literature.

11. Session of the cycle commission

Session №1

1. The plan of the work of the cycle commission.

2.Distribution of pedagogical load.

3Calendar-thematic plans for disciplines and work programs

4.Plan work cabinet

Session number 2

1. Discussion of monitoring the quality of knowledge of students

2. The report on the topic: "Ormandy Korhau sharalary"

3. Miscellaneous

Session №3

1. Discussion of attestation for September. (monitoring).

2. The report on the topic: "Orman sharuashyliyndy GPS to Holland".

3. Consideration and approval of the plan for the subject week of the cycle

Session №4

1. Review and approval of the subject week

2. The report on the topic: "Education" and "Technology"

3. Miscellaneous

Session №5

1. The results of the certification for the month of November

2. Report on the topic: Astana қаласын көгаданданыру

3. Analysis of the subject week

Session №6

1. The results of the certification for the month of December.

2. Checking the interrelatedness of lessons, schedules of mandatory tests.

3. Preparation of correspondence students for the passing of qualification examinations

4. Other

Session №7

1. Results of the winter session of students 1,2,3 courses

3. Conduct final attestation of graduation groups

3. Miscellaneous

Session №8

1. Results of passing the qualification examinations by the students of the final groups


3. Miscellaneous

Session number 9

1. Review of results of attestation for March (monitoring).

2.Distribution of the territory of the college for landscaping between groups

3. Miscellaneous

Session №10

1. Discussion of appraisal for April (monitoring).

2. The quality of the conduct of training practices for students 2 and 3 courses

Session number 11

1. Discussion of appraisal for May (monitoring).

2. Rating evaluation of teachers.

3. The report of the cycle commission.

4. Report teachers teachers


Фрагменты открытых уроков декадника дисциплин лесного хозяйства PDF Print E-mail
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Ермаханова Т.Т. ,открытый урок на тему:«Орман ағаштары аурулары жайында жалпы түсінік» , группа О-31



А.С.Жүнісова, открытый урок на тему:«Саябақты гүлді өсімдіктермен безендіру»,группа О-31



Қайриденқызы А., внеклассное мероприятие по предмету на тему: «Көгалдандыруда сәндік ағаштар мен бұта түрлерін қолдану»,

группа О-31



Жүнісова А.С., мастер класс на тему: «Гүл бұйымдары», группа О-31


Qualitative list of teachers of the Forestry department PDF Print E-mail



Abishkanova Altynay Maratovna

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

The teacher of disciplines of forestry of the highest category

Kustanai Agricultural Institute


Qualification - scientist agronomist

Experience 26,7


Ermakhanova Tota Tursymatovna

Teacher of forestry disciplines of the 2nd category

Akmola Agricultural University. S.Seifullin


Qualification - scientist agronomist

Experience 15.2




Kairidenқzy Aizada

Higher education

Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin 2011-2015

Qualification - Bachelor of Agriculture, Master of Economic Sciences




Alieva Anar Muratbekovna

Higher education

Akmola Agricultural University. S.Seifullin 1998-2002

Qualification - engineer teacher

Experience 15 years




Zhunusova Aysha Serikovna

Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin 2011-2015

Qualification - Bachelor of Agriculture

Work experience 3 years


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